Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thru The Window....

The window cleaner came today. Great Job- and reasonably priced. 
AND they have a repeat customer list- so every two months it gets done automatically!! 


And After:

It doesn't take much to make me happy, does it? 
Clean windows that I didn't have to climb a ladder to do myself!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Autumn Colors Of a Different Kind!!

 Just a few autumn flowers I got from the market to put in my kitchen windowsill. 
Please overlook the dirty window..I PROMISE you its the outside of the window and not the inside. We are currently awaiting an answer from the local window washing service(we live on an upper floor and due to health and safety regulations we have to have them done by a professional since we're renting-plus me nor Paul want to climb up on a ladder to wash them. That's a disaster waiting to happen with us two!!)
 I love Autumn!!
 I really DO!!!
Also- the tiny air bubbles clinging to the stems of the flowers grabbed my attention. But in the time it took me to go get the cam, the sun had dimmed a bit and the light wasnt as bright and shimmery as it had been a minute and a half before. Oh well. Still pretty!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

BV Fundraiser Event...

Today we had a Bake Sale at the office for MacMillan Cancer Support.
There was a ton of food baked, donated and sold. Loads of support for a very good cause.
As I said....."Some people run marathons to raise money for Cancer Research...Everyone has a talent...mine apparently is baking so people will eat- and then run those marathons to work off the calories......"
It's a double win, if you think about it.


I can't post the photos of the people, but I can post the shots of the food.
And no- I didn't get a BITE if it. I was too busy photographing the event. 
I took 136 photos- and had 12 I was pleased enough with to keep.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Macro Costa Rica?

Funny story.......

Okay, so I was standing outside at work and noticed the moss growing on the 50 ft by 1 & a half inch ledge on the side of the building.

It had some really interesting formations  and since I had my phone with me I snapped off a few photos to look at once I got home.

Well. The photos above is the ones taken with the camera phone...

to be continued......(keep reading- it's all in this one post, I promise).......

then the next day I was out at the same spot- only THIS time I had my New Cannon inside at my desk. So I decided to get a closer look at the "landscape" I was wanting to photograph and the closer I got- the more landscape-like it looked.
Now as I was leaned over looking at the miniture landscapes and looking for the most eyecatching formations, one of mine and hubbys workmates came out and glanced over as he was walking past.
He walked to his car, got something out(or put something in-I dunno- I wasn't as interested in him as  I was the photographs I was planning on taking) and then as he walked back by. He stopped and watched me for a couple of minutes and then said......."Okay, I GOTTA ask....what are you DOING?"
I just laughed and said....." Do you see this moss?....Well, when you get REEEEEEALLLY close, it looks a lot like a miniture coastline in Costa Rica or somewhere like that.....I'm going to take a photo of it in a little while when I go on my lunch and was looking for the most eye-catching bits to shoot."
He looked at me- looked at the wall- looked at me again- shook his head and walked back to the entrance of the building. 
Mind you- he works in my husbands department....and Paul said- when the officemate(whose name also happens to be Paul) got in , he walked past my Paul and patted him on the shoulder and said  "I feel for you, man." and then proceeded to tell my Paul about our conversation outside.
Apparently, I'm the Crazy American Lady now.
 I just think MY Paul should be happy I can keep myself entertained occasionally.

And on THAT note- The photos below are the ones I took that day.

And today when I went outside- Officemate Paul was standing  there and declared,
"Look Sunny- Apparently, there has been a Hurricane in Macro Costa Rica- It's flooded!!!."
Oh Ha. Ha.    
(In all honesty, it WAS waterlogged from all the rain- and one other thing.....he's been looking at that ledge in a whole different light now, hasn't he?)
I have changed a life. 

At any are a few images of the coastline of the REAL Costa Rica.....
I got them off Google-Images-I didn't actauuly TAKE them myself with my camera....danggitt.

 The End.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Little More Autumn Color.......

So while we was out doing our shopping I decided to take some more photos of the changing color leaves, and a bit of the local "color", 
so to speak. 

 A bit of bright gold.......
 A bit of bright red.....
 a few of the locals- 
and don't you just LOVE the sign above the pub almost directly over the bicyclists head?
 A lovely Double Decker Bus England is famous for!!!
 The Road we live on...about 500 yards further down!
 A Local Brit outside Costa Coffee Shop....
Apparently, my camera decided it wanted to surprise me with a photo of myself. 
I had to laugh- I do like a surprise once in a keeps life interesting.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Our office-mate and friend, Leanne.
I would love to photograph her in a Pin-Up Girl type photoshoot.